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Field Social Work in Europe

Doc. Dr. Miriam Šramatá, Dr. Andrej Kallay

Field social work is one of the methods of social work which differs the most among European countries. The concept of field social work is based on the idea that the social worker is working and meeting with the client in the client’s own, private environment. This idea is also applied in community social work, streetwork and social assistance. We maintain the opinion that an international definition of field social work is an important element of ERIS meetings. A clear definition of field social work and the application of other members’ knowledge via comparative methods of research will increase the effectiveness of field social work.

Our university is working on theoretical and practical aspects of field social work. The theoretical part is based on practical work with clients in the clients’ environment - not only in Slovakia but also in Kenya and Cambodia. Practical and theoretical knowledge of field social work and clients of field social work helps us to work more effectively and to understand clients’ objective needs. Trnava University is also a member of a national team which is working on the national methodology of field social work.

In the future, starting in 2008, we plan to bring more students into real contact with field social work. The contact between students and clients of field social work will be mediated via our projects in Trnava and Bratislava. We will also apply our practical findings to make our practical projects more effective and to refine our theoretical knowledge of field social work.

Updated: 29. 03. 2017

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