Spring School for Master’s and PhD Students in Social Work in Europe 2014

The 8th annual International Spring School of Social Work was held on 8th-11th April 2014 on the premises of the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava. Out of a total 53 participants, 25 were from universities outside the Czech Republic – from Eichstätt and Landshut (Germany), Hertfordshire (UK), Kuopio (Finland), Trnava (Slovakia), Lille (France), Dornbirn (Austria) and Lodz (Poland).

The programme was devoted to the presentation of students’ papers based on their doctoral dissertations or diploma theses, discussions with teachers, group and individual consultations. The opportunity to meet and discuss with academics from various countries in an informal, friendly environment and to receive valuable feedback from them is vital for all participants in this event.

As in previous years, this year's Spring School was followed by lectures and a workshop held as part of the project "Enlargement and Development of the Research Team at the Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ostrava" (VEDTYM). These included a research afternoon enti-tled "Biographic/Narrative Research Methods in Social Work" coordinated by Prof. Kaja Kazmierska and Dr. Katarzyna Waniek from the University of Lodz, a methodological work-shop by Doc. RNDr. Ivana Loučkova entitled "Teaching Research by Research", and a re-search afternoon entitled "Participatory/Action Research" given by Prof. Emmanuel Jovelin from the Catholic University of Lille.

Lectures given by academics
Prof. Kaja Kazmierska, dr. Katarzyna Waniek, PolskoBiographicNarrative Research Method in Social Work (VEDTYM)
Dr. Sarah Toulotte, FrancieThe Social Service in the Workplace : an Agent in Change
Doc. RNDr. Ivana Loučková, CZTeaching Research by Research
Prof. Emmanuel Jovelin, FrancieParticipatory/Action Research
Students’ contributions
Dubrulle Nathalie, LilleSocially deprived families and the policies against school absenteeism in France
Paulina Richebé, LilleThe involvement of local communities in the implementation of community service
Carmen Böhm, LandshutMedia representation of adults who feel sexually attracted to children and the consequences for social work
Dennis Egenamba, HertfordshireInstitutionally sexist: Are girls victims of not receiving a fair and equal service in the youth justice system?
Rachael Jennings, HertfordshireAdulthood transitions for separated independent young migrants: What is the role for Social Work?
Vanessa Bunn, HertfordshireUsing arts based approaches in interprofessional education to address professi-onal stereotype in practice
Kerstin Fischer, Eichstätt, MetzSocial workers´strategies in disadvantaged neighbourhoods - French-German comparison
Waloszek Tomáš, OstravaFamily politics in the context of new social risks
Glumbíková Kateřina, OstravaDimension of social exclusion of single mothers in asylum houses in the city of Ostrava
Durda Lukáš, OstravaManagerial competencies in social services management
Kozáková Aneta, OstravaSGS Project: The factors affecting the form of substitute family
Ulčáková Šárka, OstravaSocial economy entities providing social services
Pulkertová Martina, OstravaElderly poverty and possibilities of social work with poor seniors
Brezina Martin, OstravaThe effects of vocational training programs on employability of the unemployed
Holubová Kristýna, OstravaThe task of social work in the profesionalization of foster care
Mikulec Marek, OstravaRoma minority and social exclusion
Waloszek,Brezina, Cirokova, OstravaSGS Project: Problems in reconciling work and family life from perspective of parents with children and workers in the field of employment services in Ostrava region
Nedomová Eva, OstravaTask-centered social work

Updated: 15. 01. 2018