International Spring School of Social Work in Europe 2018 for Master's and doctoral students

The 12th International Spring School of Social Work was held from 17–20 April 2018 at the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava campus. The event featured a total of 56 participants, of whom 37 were from universities outside the Czech Republic – Eichstätt, , Koblenz, Bremen (Germany), Hertfordshire (UK), Trnava (Slovakia), Lille, Strasbourg (France), Budapest (Hungary), Dornbirn (Austria), and Łódź (Poland). We also welcomed Erasmus+ students from Romania, Russia and Slovakia.

The programme focused mainly on students’ presentations based on their Master’s or doctoral dissertations, accompanied by discussions with academics, group and individual consultations. The students welcomed the feedback from the academics and the opportunity to discuss the topics of their dissertations with experts from various countries in an informal and supportive environment. As part of the accompanying programme, participants had the opportunity to enjoy an ballet performance of Don Quijote.

As in previous years, the programme included lectures and a workshop held as part of the project ‘Enlargement and Development of the Research Team at the Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ostrava’ (currently in its sustainability phase). The workshop took the form of a research afternoon featuring Prof. Mariusz Granosik from Poland on the topic ‘Research in social work –integrating data in grounded theory’.

Lectures by academics
Littlechild Brian, prof.Using concept maps in research and co-production of research
Jovelin Emmanuel, prof.Between deliquent and radicalization Mohamed Merad´s trajectory
Student presentations
dr. Zuzana ČernáDiscourse Analysis of the Professional Language Used in Social Work with Persons with Physical and Sensory Disabilities
Mgr. Veronika Mia ZegzulkováThe Concept of Education of Social Workers in International Social Work
Mgr. Adéla RecmanováInformational and Communication Technologies in Interventions of Czech Social Workers when Dealing with Vulnerable Children and their Families
Mgr. Šárka DořičákováTerrain Services for Seniors Provided without Registration
Mgr. Ivana KowalikováSocial Support of Seniors by Type of their Households
Mgr. Klára GanobjákováThe Housing of Persons with Physical Disability who Live in City of Ostrava and Surroundings
Mgr. Lenka CaletkováOrganizational Factors and Conditions in the Performance of Social Work
Mgr. Markéta JaníkováLife Stories of Homeless People in the Context of Inclusive Social Work
Mgr. Petra Anna-Marie BláhováSocial Work in the Process of Transformation of the Systém of Care for Children at Risk in the Czech Republic
Mgr. Václav Tomiczek, SKIdentification of the Needs of Families with a Member in the Terminal State of Oncological Illness in the Context of Social Work
Mgr. Katarína Özger, SKCoping Strategies of People Living in Material Need
Lilla Kalla, HUCommunity Organization 1 common presentation
Nikoletta Körösi, HUCommunity Organization
Benjamin Oros, HUCommunity Organization
Szaboles Gal, HUCommunity Organization
Mgr. Matin Gal, SKLife of Families Living on Minimum Wage
Marion Crapoix, ESTES, FRParents' perception of Child Welfare measures
François Vincent, ESTES,FRcommon presentation with Marion Crapoix
Alexandr Lepin, RussiaOvercoming the Stigma in Social Work
Charlotte Terlutte, student LilleFamily Group Conference in France
Ketoma Safsaf, LilleElderly people : ageing and longevity in the North: support the life plan of elder "to stay at home"
James Kyeyune, HertfordshireManagerialist Hospital Settings: Exploring Service user's experiences and perspectives of social work intervention within hospital settings

Updated: 04. 12. 2020