International Scientific Conference: Children in Social Work

On 7–8 November 2019, the Department of Social Work in cooperation with the European Research Institute for Social Work (ERIS) organized the international scientific conference Children in Social Work. The conference was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Work of Trnava University, Prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Slaný, CSc., the Head of the Faculty's Department of Social Work doc. Mgr. Eva Mydlíková, Ph.D., and the main conference organizer doc. Mgr. Miriam Slaná, PhD.

An important introductory moment of the conference was the plenary lecture given by Prof. Mgr. Iveta Radičová, PhD, who spoke about new trends in modern society and their impact on the new generation. This scientific event also featured a number of other very interesting and current topics dealing with the child education under auspices of Barbara Gasteiger Klicperi from Austria, with important guest speakers from Poland talking about their experience with interventions with children and families.

After the introductory presentations, the conference participants could enrich themselves with new scientific and practical knowledge and experiences of other colleagues in several parallel workshops held on Thursday, and in two Friday workshops. The workshops included presentations and round tables touching on areas such as: the child and his/her healthy development, child and family protection, diversity and social inclusion, children's rights and violence against children, as well as new challenges for social work with children and families. The conference was concluded with a lecture by Emmanuel Jovelin from France, which was devoted to a comparison of approaches to unaccompanied minors in Europe.

Final remarks by Brian Littlechild from the University of Hertfordshire (England) and doc. Mgr. Miriam Slaná, PhD as main organizer can be perceived as a very important moment of the conference conclusion. Besides that, we commemorated the upcoming thirtieth anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which is considered to be the memorable moment of our recent history, with the exhibition of rare photographs displayed in the building of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Work.

We would like to thank all the participants of the conference for contributing to its flawless organization and look forward to future meetings at other such fruitful and beneficial events.

Updated: 14. 05. 2020