International Spring School of Social Work in Europe 2021 for Master's and doctoral students

The 14th International Spring School of Social Work was held after 1 year gap from 28–30 April 2021 for the first time online due to COVID-19 pandemic situation. The event featured a total of 30 presenting student participants from 11 countries in 9 parallel sessions and 98 passive participants from 8 countries.

The programme focused mainly on students' presentations based on their Master's or doctoral dissertations, accompanied by discussions with academics, group and individual consultations. As in previous years, the programme included 2 keynote lectures and 5 parallely running workshops held on Friday with 35 involved participants having presentations or being members of teams, In total 20 academics from 8 countries were involved in moderating the sessions, discussions and offered individual consultations.

Thanks to cooperation with the Centre for Information Technology and the Centre for Marketing and Communication at the University of Ostrava we can offer you recordings of all sessions, keynote lectures and workshops that you might have missed because of parallel organization. You can watch them in comfort now by clicking on the chosen session, lecture or workshop.

28th April morning
Faces of Empowerment
Jakub Černý (CZ)
“Processes of (collective) resistence in the context of residential displacement in Czechia“
Maria Chiara Venturi (IT)
“LGBT+ associations in Łódź and Bolonia- a design of a  comparative study”
Martha Chinouya (UK)
“The analogy of women empowerment and its relationship to domestic abuse among African immigrants in the United Kingdom: A systematic review”
Refugees, Homeless, Minors
Rochelle Odhiambo (UK)
“Exploring the impact of migration trauma for unaccompanied refugee minors and how Social Workers can respond”
Judit Sagi (HU)
“Doctoral Helpers of addicted people living on the streets of a little town in the countryside”
Joseph Aigbolosimon Famous (HU)
“Homelessness: A Sociological Perspective on the Pathways of Young Rough Sleepers & Street Children in Nigeria”
Issues in Social Work Interventions
Shaffana. Ajmal (India/CZ)
“An Intervention: focused on Quality of life among patients suffering with Chronic Kidney Disease”
Siobhan Burleigh (UK)
“Online child sexual exploitation and social media”
Alexandr Lepin (RU/CZ)
“A qualitative research on social work practice with singlefather families in Russia. Midterm results of the thesis”
Keynote speaker lecture prof. Gunter Grasshof (DE)
“Service user in social services: subject or object of research? Some ideas of participation in research“
28th April afternoon
Issues in Community Work in Disadvantaged Urban Districts
Kevin Miller (USA)
“Who are better prepared than the oppressed to understand the terrible significance of an oppressive society?” (Freire, 1970)
Joint project presentation AT/PL
“Community Work in disadvantaged Settlements” Comparison between Bregenz (Austria) and Łódź (Poland)
Children Social Services
Anastasia Karpunina (RU/CZ)
“Children with disability in families at risk: research design and partial results”
Maryqueen Burrows (UK)
“The Impact of witnessing domestic abuse on children and young people”
Jutta Harrer-Amersdorffer (DE/CZ)
“Professional acting in casework- an empirical study on the state of “casework” using the example of social pedagogical family assistance in Germany”
Issues in Institutional Social Work
Laurence Werle (FR)
“From prescription to reality, healthcare in closed educational center (alternative to the incarceration of minors)”
Alžběta Stromšíková (CZ)
“Social work in shelters for mothers with children - work on the topic of substance abuse”
Louise Baudinet (FR)
“The impact of cultural action in prison"
29th April morning
Current Issues in Social Work (1)
Charlie Brazil (UK)
“Social Workers perspectives on the processes that shape their 6experiences of working in Children's Services“
Romana Gulová, Lukáš Roman (CZ)
“Reflection of experience of family members from performance of guardianship -implication for social work”
Alena Hegerová (CZ)
“Volunteering in Hospital”
Daria Muzyka (RU/CZ)
“Online volunteering among college students”
Current Issues in Social Work (2)
Karol Lukowski (PL)
“Therapeutic work in Addiction Treatment Clinics - Research Project”
Petr Lazar (CZ)
“The Consequences of Neoliberalisation for Social Work with People in Material Need in Czech Municipalities with Extended Powers”
Hanna Ristolainnen (FI)
“Examining the effectiveness of complex social work intervention”
Omonigho Benedicta Akhabue (UK)
“Contributing factors to intimate partner violence against women from West Africa resident in the UK: 7Pre and post immigration issues/factors”
Current Issues in Social Work (3)
Kristina Wilamová (CZ)
“Social work and social housing project of Ostrava: Through the perspective of clients of social housing”
Aleksandra Sobanska (PL)
“Gender transition as a social phenomenon. Social worlds and opportunity structures in the biographical experiences of transgender women”
Suvi Lappalainen (FI)
“Youthwork at a crossroad with changing school culture and welfare work”
Gyorgyi Szecsko (UK)
“Investigating the Social Work Interventions for Autistic Young People to Prevent Detention and Hospitalisation under the Mental Health Act 1983”
Keynote speaker lecture prof. Caitlin Cahill (USA)
"Critical PAR, growing up policed, and the future of NYC."
30th April
Workshop 1
Values Building in Social Work Education in Visegrad Countries: Integrated Approach
Workshop 2
Introduction into F. Schütze´s Method of Narrative Interview
Workshop 3
Interpretive Research: abduction, method-mix
Workshop 4
Doing and Using Situational Maps in Dissertations
Workshop 5
Academic Writing and Research

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