ERIS Proclamation

After discussion and with the approval of ERIS members we publish this ERIS Proclamation

Given the Russian attack of Ukraine, ERIS-affiliated universities call upon students and academics from ERIS-affiliated European universities to stand together for openness and tolerance.

Universities are places where there is no room for xenophobia and nationalism, even in times of international conflict. Different perspectives, diversity of views and international exchange are the foundation for research and teaching activities in ERIS universities. Particularly at a time when there is once again war in Europe, universities are called upon to stand together to defend these values.

ERIS members support solidarity with Ukrainian students and academics, and all refugees from this country. At the same time, they recognise the difference between the Russian state and its aggressive war, and the Russian social work students and academics.

Therefore, showing solidarity with the peoples of both Ukraine and Russia who call for an end to war, ERIS supports the call for from the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) to encourage all members of the social work profession to respond and let their leaders nationally and locally know their views and facilitate action that realises this purpose.

Oldřich Chytil, Brian Littlechild

Updated: 28. 03. 2022