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Social Work Research in Europe

Prof. Dr. Brian Littlechild

The European Union is increasingly looking not only to be an economic Europe but also a social Europe. Comparison of social welfare and social work provision become important areas of development providing knowledge for governments, policymakers, managers and practitioners in order to understand similarities and differences across Europe in order to develop best practice and policies. ERIS will provide opportunities for research either by students on their individual programmes of research and study where this will contribute to Europe-wide understanding and dissemination of knowledge, or as commissioned by agencies in order to compare practices across European countries which will aid in  learning and comparing the best policies and practices from each of the European countries. This will enable the development of management knowledge as well as practitioner knowledge and skills, deriving from systematic research and study which can be applied within their own country.

ERIS also generates bids to the European Union and other funding bodies for funding of research which will aid understanding across Europe of social factors such as migration, young offenders, and social inclusion. ERIS is developing a model of how to compare best practice and best policies across different European countries.

Professor Brian Littlechild of the University of Hertfordshire has co-edited a series of books on social work in social work practice in Europe for Venture Press, and is the publications editor of the International Association of Schools of Social Work, which publishes books comparing social work and social welfare and social policy systems between different countries around the world. He has participated in bids to the European Union for research funding, and teaches social work research methods, and European social work in social welfare courses at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Updated: 29. 03. 2017

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