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Social Work and Youth Offending in Europe

Prof. Dr. Brian Littlechild

Offending by young people has been an area of social work policy and practice for many years in different European countries. ERIS will provide consultancy services which will provide agencies with up-to-date knowledge and research from different European countries in order to consider best practice and management within an individual country. Drawing on the most recent research concerning effective practices in working with young people who offend, and issues of social inclusion, agencies will be able to draw on advice concerning their policies and practices, including how they monitor the effectiveness of their services. Research can be carried out on areas agencies wish to consider, which include statistical and qualitative evaluations of services. This can include, if required, the extensive experience of the ERIS experts in undertaking systematic reviews of practice and policy areas, and providing empirical research, for example, on the introduction of new methods within work with young offenders, and issues of working with young offenders from minority ethnic and racial groups.

Professor Brian Littlechild has practice and management experience in the field of working with young offenders, and has for 25 years carried out evaluations of practice and research into work with young offenders. He has published a number of books and many articles and conference papers on work with young offenders. He has most recently published a book with a professor from Romania looking at youth justice systems.

Updated: 29. 03. 2017

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