Spring School for Master- and PhD Students in Social Work in Europe 2009

The third annual Spring School was held on April 21 – 26, 2009 in Ostrava, this time at the campus of the Technical University of Ostrava, attended by 29 students and academics from European partner universities. Other participants in the event included 20 students from the Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ostrava.

Students from the University of Ostrava, the University of Kuopio in Finland, the Universities of Eichstätt and Cologne in Germany, the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, the University of Lille in France, the University of Trnava in Slovakia and the University of Poznan in Poland presented their papers in a truly European academic atmosphere. Delegates were able to enjoy a range of accompanying events in their free time – including an opera performance, a visit to the planetarium, or a trip to the nearby city of Olomouc. A social evening featuring the Czech folk music ensemble Friš contributed to the  friendly and informal feel of the event.

The programme of this year’s Spring School opened with Professor Brian Littlechild’s paper from the University of Hertfordshire “Research for Social Work Policy and Practice – Social Work Research as Knowledge Building”.

Topics of students’ presentations:

  • Presentation of the prevention programme ‘Zaster Check’ - Markus Rossa, Eichstätt
  • Polish Immigrants in Germany. Significance of Self-organisations in the Integration of Recent Immigrants - Wioleta Schulze, Köln
  • New European Migrants in London: vulnerability to drug use and treatment needs - Karen Mills, Hertfordshire
  • Volunteering of older people - Lukáš Pavelek, Trnava
  • Ethnic Entrepreneurship in Finland - Jaana Okulov, Kuopio
  • Child-oriented assessment in Finnish child welfare practice - Anne-Mari Jaakola, Kuopio
  • The relevance of research organizations to social workers - Katarzyna Pawelek, Poznan
  • Assessment of mentally disordered offenders by Probation Staff using OASys - Anette Jager Kirkwood, Hertfordshire
  • Partnership with problems of young homeless people (18-25 years) in CHRS in France - Yacine Bendiab, Lille
  • How do we train social workers to assess situations of children at risk? - Anne-Marie Guitierrez, Lille
  • European comparative study on contact between children and their parents in out-of-home care - Vincent Ramon, Lille
  • Social workers and homosexuality in Europe - Olivier Lemille, Lille
  • The trajectory of young homeless people - Henrique Cardoso, Lille
  • Czech ‘workfare’ and its consequences for social work - Nikola Čapla, Ostrava
  • Value and Motivation Characteristics of Field Workers and Field Social Workers - Dominika Černá, Ostrava
  • Social work with seniors - Kateřina Karchňáková, Ostrava
  • The Impact of Ethnicity on the Relationship between Social Worker and Client - Kateřina Pavlisková, Ostrava
  • Comparison of Education in Social Work in Ostrava and in Canterbury - Eva Nedomová, Ostrava
  • Regulation mechanisms of the development of ophthalmology - Jiří Kunc,Ostrava
  • Supervision in Social Work in the Czech Republic – Kateřina Rašková, Ostrava.

We look forward to welcoming you to the next Spring School, which will be held on April 20 – 24, 2010 again in Ostrava.


Updated: 15. 01. 2018