Spring School for Master- and PhD Students in Social Work in Europe 2010

The fourth year of the Spring School was held in April 20 - 24, 2010 in Ostrava, again in campus of the Technical University of Ostrava, attended by 31 students and academics from European partner universities. Also 3 academics and 8 students from the Faculty of Social Studies and Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava participated in this event. Due to cancelled flights caused by volcano erruption on Iceland 7 active students and academics from the University of Kuopio in Finland and University of Hertfordshire – United Kingdom were forced to give up their planned active participation. The programme had to be adapted to this fact and the scheduled Saturday workshop Methodological aspects of research in social sciences by ass.prof. Dr. Ivana Louckova from the University of Ostrava has been cancelled and will be realized during the next Spring School, which hopefully will not be influenced by forces of nature.

Academic papers
Prof.dr. Ria Puhl, Cologne SW and research a difficult relationship
Prof. Dr.Josef Freise, Cologne Applied research project on quality development of international voluntary services
Dr. Katarzyna Pawełek, Poznań School free of drugs and violence
Topics of students presentations
Angela Muss, Cologne Quality development of international voluntary services
Markus Rossa, Eichstätt Combining debts prevention in the UK and Germany
Oliver Schmidt, Eichstätt Diversity and integration, a challenge for social work
Zuzana Králová, Trnava Stigmatisation as a problem of people with mental illnesses
Matúš Német, Trnava Middle class in the process of modernization and globalization
Alexandre Hongolo, Lille L´exclusion sociale de la communauté Rasta en Angola
Miguel da Costa, Lille Poverty in Angola: the case of Favela neighbourhood
Anna Kasprowicz, Poznań The role of social guardian in the youth custody centre for boys in Poznan
Kateřina Karchňáková, Ostrava Social work with seniors in a big city environment
Marie Skočovská, Ostrava The utilization of logotherapy and existential analysis to increase the resilience of social workers while working with at risk youth
Marie Špiláčková, Ostrava The conception of social care for socially maladjusted citizens in the seventzies of 20th century
Veronika Raszková, Ostrava Supervision in social work in European context
Petra Šobáňová, Ostrava Mediation
Michaela Váňová, Ostrava Prosocial behaviour among volunteers
Břetislav Kantor, Ostrava Aftercare for drug-addicted in the Ostrava region

All presentations from students and academics were of high quality and therefore intensively discussed. The feedback in an open space discussion gave presenters new ideas for further developments of their work. During breaks and meals participants had time to share ideas and projects, evenings were used for visiting the opera of Ostrava and other cultural activities. After four years the ERIS Spring School has created it’s own logic and charm – and thus has established itself as an important part of all ERIS activities.

We look forward to welcoming you to the next Spring School, which will be held on April 26 – 30, 2011 in Ostrava.


Updated: 15. 01. 2018