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Pfaller-Rott, Monika; Kállay, Andrej, Böhler, Doris (Eds.) Social Work with Migrants and Refugees
This 5th ERIS monograph includes articles from 14 countries and starts with an extensive introduction chapter outlining central aspects of terminology and statistics on international migration, legal and human rights aspects as well as outlining all included articles.
In the first section covering social work with refugees in Europe the perspective of Austria, Czech Republik, France, Finnland, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland are described. This wide range from northern, eastern and central European states provides the strength of outlining common challenges, diverse approaches, difficulties but also possible good practices within the field.
The second section includes articles from Africa (Morocco, Niger), the Middle East (Kurdistan & Iraq), Latin America (Colombia) and Asia (India). These articles include varied perspectives highlighting special aspects of migration like the transformation from emigration, to transmigration to immigration countries or the importance of remittances to the national economy.
Challenges for the profession of social work within the field of working with refugees and migrants form the central part of the conclusion. This publication enables sharing, discussing, critically reflecting and thus learning from each other.

Price: 250,- CZK


Sýkorová, D., Klimentová, E. (Eds.) Poverty and Social Work
This collective monograph offers the description and analysis of poverty in social policy and in social work praxis in six European countries. The authors of individual chapters have chosen such point of view for the topic which they considered as the most important and specific for their country resp. for its social policy. Besides the chapters written by the authors from Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, countries with long-term tradition of democracy in the public sphere, there are contributions from the authors from the post-communist countries – Latvia, Slovakia, Czechia. The latter have faced the task of building a new concept of social policy based on the democratic foundations after the fall of the totality regimes.

Published by University of Ostrava – ERIS, 2016.
Price: 300,- CZK.


Juha Hämäläinen, Brian Littlechild, Marie Špiláčková (Eds.): Social Work Research across Europe: Methodological Positions and Research Practice - Part I + Part II
The two parts of this book bring unique insights into issues of social work research across Europe. The first part of this compilation covers the areas of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.
The second part covers the countries of Northern and Western Europe.
The monograph provides critical accounts of the trends in social work research in different European countries - its history, its impact on policies and practice, as well as the key factors influencing the development of the research paradigms for its methods, areas of interest and focus, and research values in each of them.


Peter Erath, Brian Littlechild - Social Work across Europe, Accounts from 16 Countries
To write a book on social work in Europe is desirable and important, but at the same time quite a difficult venture. All these chapters show us the huge variety of existing policies, theories, research results, methods, professional debates, etc. and with this give us a comprehensive survey on tendencies and debates which each reader can use for comparing specific aspects in his/her country with aspects in other countries, or, perhaps even more important, to recognize "meta-developments" across Europe, e.g. marketisation of social work, tendencies towards managerialism, risk management and de-valorisation of social work and the social.

Published by University of Ostrava - ERIS with Albert Publisher, 2010.
Price: 300,- CZK. Review published in Czech and Slovak Social Work

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Juha Hämäläinen, Brian Littlechild, Oldřich Chytil, Miriam Šramatá, Emmanuel Jovelin (Eds.): Evolution of Child Protection and Child Welfare Policies in Selected European Countries
Policies in Selected European Countries In modern societies, there is a constant need to develop our understanding of, and our provision for, child protection.Due to the increasing complexity of modern societies, the healthy and well-rounded development of children and young people is threatened for several reasons. The mechanisms of this are complex, and vary a good deal from country to country. In the course of time, societies have developed different kinds of infrastructures dealing with this challenge. The country-specific traditions of child protection policies and practices are influenced by the same social, cultural, economic, and political factors as the development of society in general. The chapters in this book examine the development and current state of social policy, legislation, agency provision and practices in the different European countries represented, with the aim of contributing to this Europe-wide understanding and set of developments.

Published by University of Ostrava - ERIS with Albert Publisher, 2012.
Price: 300,- CZK.

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