Spring School for Master- and PhD Students in Social Work in Europe 2011

The 5th annual International Spring School of Social Work was held on April 26-29, 2011 with the participation of 10 academics and 31 students from FSS OU and its partner universities in Cologne and Eichstätt (Germany), Hertfordshire (England), Kuopio (Finland), Trnava (Slovakia), Poznań (Poland) and Lille (France). The organizational side of the event – including board and lodging services – was again provided by the  VŠB–Technical University of Ostrava, and everything ran smoothly to the satisfaction of all involved. The main focus of the agenda was the presentation of students’ papers based on their diploma theses or doctoral dissertations. The program was enriched by a lecture given by doc. RNDr. Ivana Loučková, CSc. on research in social sciences and by other inspirational presentations by professors from abroad. After this demanding and specialised program, everyone had a chance to unwind at a dinner in one of the restaurants on Stodolní Street and at a performance of Falstaff. The academics from the partner universities appreciated the excellent quality of the theses and dissertations presented by the students. Students, on the other hand, welcomed as beneficial the feedback provided by academics and the opportunity to discuss the topics of their work and how to approach or deal with these topics with professionals from various countries in an informal environment.

Lectures given at the Spring School:
doc. RNDr. Ivana Loučková, CSc., FSS OUTowards the Integrated Strategies not only in Research in Social Work.
prof. Brian Littlechild, HertfordshireSocial Work in India and Developing Countries.
prof. Emmanuel Jovelin, Lille Love Research and Hate Research: Research is Adventure.
Topics of the Students‘ presentations:
Oliver Schmidt, EichstättDiversity and Social Work
Markus Rossa, KuopioSearching for International Best Practise in Financial Literacy Programmes-Analysing British, German and American Strategies with Univation
Andreas Baldschun, KuopioOccupational Well-being of Social Workers
Timo Hokkanen, KuopioIntegrated Service Model for Elderly: New Needs for Social Work Knowledge in the Future
Lukasz Mierzwicki, PoznanProfession of a Social Worker in Opinion of People Who Practise it, Benefiters of the Social Assistance and Residents of the City of Poznan
Jozef Jurík, TrnavaPossibilities of Social Policy in Influencing the Demographic Development of Society in Slovakia
Lucia Kováčová, TrnavaIncidence of Risk Factors of Eating Disorders in a Family Enviroment for High School Pupils
Virginia Billon, LilleHandicap, d´un paradigme médical á un paradigme social: quelles évolutions sur les stratégies des associations de personnes handicapées?
Mustafa Ajji, LilleTransnational Projects of Active Inclusion and Their Impact on the Process of Occupational Reintegration of the Unemployed Persons
Corinne Ntjam Hopfner, LilleWhich Program Support for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors?
Jana Chojecka, PoznanSocial Exclusion-Research Project
Adéla Kubíčková, JČU České Buděj.Fatherhood Planning
Helena Kočová, JČU České BudějoviceProject Support Families SMA (Spinal Muscular atrophy)
Eva Nedomová, OU OstravaTask-Centered Work at Social Work
Kateřina Partiková, OU OstravaSocial Assistance and Support for Families with Multiple Problems. Possibilities of Social Work with These Families
Zuzana Vontorová, OU OstravaConditions of Social Work in Health Care Sector in Czech Republic
Kateřina Karchňáková, OU OstravaImportance of Environmental Aspects of Old Age for Social Work with Old Aged People (Example of Ostrava)
Eliška Lindovská, OU OstravaSocial Work with Homeless People
Lucie Fišerová, OU OstravaSocial Work and Alone Mothers
Kristina Račková, KU Ružomberok, SKThe Importance of Cooperation in Social Institutions in the Implementation of Preventive Drug Programs for Young People

Updated: 15. 01. 2018