Spring School for Master- and PhD Students in Social Work in Europe 2012

The 6th annual International Spring School of Social Work, held on 24th-28th April 2012, aroused remarkable interest from both students and academics, with a total of 56 participants (of which 37 were from foreign universities). Apart from the regular guests from Eichstätt, Cologne and Landshut in Germany, Hertfordshire in England, Kuopio in Finland, Trnava in Slovakia, Poznań in Poland and Lille in France, this year’s attendees also included a representative of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. The organiza-tional side of the event was again provided by the  VŠB–Technical University of Ostrava to the utmost satisfac-tion of all involved.

As usual, the main focus of the agenda consisted in the presentation of students’ papers based on their doc-toral dissertations or diploma theses, as well as discussions with teachers, group and individual consultations. For students, it was particularly beneficial to have the opportunity for discussion with academics from various countries in an informal, friendly environment and to get valuable feedback from them.

This year’s Spring School was followed by lectures and a workshop held within the project “Expanding and Developing the Scientific Research Team of the FSS OU” (VEDTYM). These included lectures by Prof. Peter Erath from the Catholic University in Eichstätt with the topic Valid Research Topics, Creation of Research Questions and by Prof. Brian Littlechild from the University of Hertfordshire - Specific Aspects of the Qualita-tive Approach in Research in Social Work, Ethics in Research in Social Work - plus a workshop, also chaired by Prof. Littlechild, with the title Creative (Expert/Scientific) Writing.

Lectures given by academics
prof. Peter Erath, EichstättValid Research Topics, Creation of Research Questions (VEDTYM)
prof. Brian Littlechild, HertfordshireSpecific Aspects of the Qualitative Approach in Research in Social Work, Ethics in Research in S.W. (VEDTYM)
 “Creative Writing” Workshop (VEDTYM)
Prof. Peter Erath, EichstättFrom Research Idea to Research Design
Prof. Emmanuel Jovelin, Lille 
Sarah Toulotte, LilleFrom Work to Social Service in Companies: An Agent in Change
Students’ contributions
Andreas Baldschun, KuopioOccupational Well-Being of Child Welfare Workers Working with Families and Children
Tuulikki Ylä-Outinen, KuopioOlder People’s Active Life with their own Lifestyles at Home and in Sheltered Housing for Older People
Timo Hokkanen, KuopioSocial Work in the Integrated Welfare System for the Elderly
Sarah Harris, HertfordshireWhat Will Be the Impact of "Payment by Results" (PbR) for Social Work?
Claire Sanday, HertfordshireHow Will Social Workers Maintain their Autonomy while Providing Person-alised Care for all Service Users in 2012
Michaela Hromková, TrnavaQuality of Social Services of Institutional Care for People with Disabilities
Valerie Pillet, LilleForeigner Minors
Tigrine Ourabah, LilleSocial Centres in the Heart of Working-class Districts
Eva Nedomová, OstravaEthical Dilemmas in Social Work Research
Martin Brezina, OstravaThe Effects of Vocational Training Programmes on the Employability of the Unemployed
Irena Kopciuchová, OstravaThe Life of Roma in the Czech Republic and France
Vendula Gojová, OstravaSocial Work in Social Entrepreneurship
Eliška Lindovská, OstravaLife Situation "Under the Influence and on the Street" From the Perspective of Homeless People - Partial Presentation of Dissertation Thesis
Kateřina Partiková, OstravaMutual Cooperation among Organizations Providing Support to Families with Children
Marek Mikulec, OstravaPoverty and Social Exclusion in Urban Areas
Gabriela Nytra, OstravaStrategy of "Social Survival" of Widowed Senior Citizens


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